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Founded in 1910 by immigrants from the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, the Cathedral was the spiritual and cultural haven of those facing the risks, challenges and opportunities of the American experience.

Like other parishes in North America, Holy Trinity Cathedral has evolved from an ethnic community to one that opens its doors to all seeking the life in Christ.  Presently over 50% of the adult membership is comprised of converts who, to a large extent, were drawn to Orthodox Christianity through the Cathedral's rich liturgical cycle.

It is corporate prayer that forms the core of parish life.  It is corporate prayer which has provided the most vibrant venue for evangelical outreach in the urban environment.  Consequently, every facet of Cathedral life stems from its commitment to coming together as a community of prayer.  Through this commitment the parish strives to reveal and proclaim the Gospel of new and eternal life.  From its liturgical content, culminating in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, the Cathedral continuously seeks to draw others into its living experience of God's inaugurated and transfigured kingdom.  It is this reality, founded on and centered in Jesus Christ, that compels the Cathedral parish to identify itself as a community of prayer and also as a community of learning.

Christian Education

Because learning is fundamental to Christian formation, church school and adult education are vital complements to liturgical worship. 

Church school for elementary school students meets on Saturdays before the Vigil service. Due to the integration of church school and Vigil, the students have the opportunity to experience the interrelationship of learning and worship. In addition, elementary students meet before the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings to review the Gospel lesson for the day.

Middle school and high school church school classes meet on scheduled Sundays after the Divine Liturgy. Adult Education meets on Sundays during the coffee hour, while the Rector's Seminar is held on a weekday after Vespers. The Seminar is comprised of Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christians and focuses on reading and discussing Scriptural, patristic and modern theological texts.

Youth Groups

Holy Trinity Cathedral is committed to supporting Orthodox parents in their vocation to raise their children in the Orthodox faith. Our children’s sense of belonging at church is of utmost importance, and the Youth Group is one way to make some crucial connections. High school and middle school students meet for fellowship on scheduled Sundays, for fun outings, and for a weekend retreat every year. Retreats include a guest speaker, teaching and discussion, and a fun event like snowboarding/skiing, etc. Kids nurture friendships with other Orthodox teenagers, wrestle with significant issues, and support one another at a challenging time of life. Members of the HTOC Youth Group participate each summer in the diocesan Youth Rally.

Fellowship - Coffee Hour

Our coffee hour is a time of fellowship and sharing for the broader HTOC community. As one visitor recently said, “One wonderful thing about your church is that no one wants to leave.” Because we are a commuter parish, it is so important for us to share a meal and to spend time in discussion and mutual encouragement.

St. Herman’s Food Pantry

To further serve the local community, the Cathedral established the St. Herman's food pantry.  The pantry is a humble expression of love for the many poor who, with very little, eke out an existence in a city with an ever increasing cost of living.