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Photo credits: Jennifer Wilson, Inga Leonova, Masha Olmsted, Elizabeth Obleschuk, Mike Arida, Katia Arida, Oleg Logutov, Wanda Maksymowicz, Valery Leonov, Alexander Retakh, Lisa Westrate, Alina Arida, Andrei Pochinsky, Alexander Stalbo, Sarah McGarry, Mary Arida, Walter Obleschuk, Bernadette Bague, Iulian Pruteanu-Malinici, Vera Maljovic and others.


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Nativity of Christ

Vigil December 24, 2015

Liturgy December 25, 2015

Nativity Play

Rehearsal December 12, 2015

Performance December 13, 2015

Chrismation of Samuel Bauer

November 1, 2015

Baptism of Jacob George Barnoski

August 23, 2015



August 6, 2015


Vigil May 30, 2015

Liturgy May 31, 2015


Matins and Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom April 12, 2015

Vespers April 12, 2015

Bright Monday April 13, 2015

Holy Saturiday

Matins April 10, 2015

Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil the Great April 11, 2015

Holy Friday

Matins April 9, 2015

Vespers April 10, 2015

Palm Sunday

Vigil and Elevation of Dn. Theodore Feldman to protodiaconate
April 4, 2015

Divine Liturgy April 5, 2015

Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday

April 4, 2015


Vigil for Theophany

January 5, 2015