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The mission of the St. Herman’s Church School is to bring people together to share their love for God and their experience of the church with our children. Through St. Herman’s Church School, we hope to build our community, deepen the lives of our children and help each other learn how to better understand and live our lives as Orthodox Christians.

The Church School strives to expose our parish children to an Orthodox ethos forged by corporate prayer, study and fellowship. It is thanks to  dedicated parents and teachers that the Cathedral Church School will be, as it has been in the past, a most significant ministry to the entire parish.


The St. Herman's Church School production will be held Sunday, December 12 during Coffee Hour.




St. Herman’s Church School began its Fall cycle of classes on Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 3pm to 5pm followed by attendance at the Vespers/Matins services. The Fall cycle includes 6 instructional sessions and rehearsals for a Christmas play and its performance in mid-December.

Every other Saturday, children have the opportunity for Q&A with Father Robert, to learn to sing and to read prayers for a fuller participation at the services, to spend time with kids their age and with adults who arecommitted to their life in the church, to do art and drama activities and to share a meal.

Each session is structured with the following order:

Opening prayer and dialogue: Fr. Robert

Liturgical music and singing: Nevine Nassif

Leveled Classes:

1. Pre-School with Marisa Frate and Natasha Vogt – Focused on Life Themes, Getting Acquainted with other kids, learning to be together

2. Primary with Jennifer Tschumakow and Tim Belk – Focused on Life Themes connected to scripture and workship

3. Intermediate with Katia Arida and Dn. Jeffrey Frate – Focused on the Divine Liturgy

Drama Games/Activities: Sara Belk and Jennifer Wilson

Church Readers practice: Nevine Nassif


Snacks: Marcia Hetman

Clean-up: Everyone

Susan Arida contributes to curriculum development